Amsterdam Streethearts

Hardcover, 19.7 cm W x 28.3 cm H, 240 pagina's, , ,


Every August in Amsterdam the streets come alive with a profusion of color – from the LGBT rainbow flags to the flood of pink on the Canal Parade boats for gay pride, and the flamboyant costumes of the drag queens and kings who strut through Zeedijk in a centuries-old, Medieval tradition called “Hartjesdag”™ and perform near the Homomonument at the modern-day Drag Queen Olympics.

It’s a photographer’s paradise – one that American expat Shirley Agudo has captured in all its glory, including first-time-released backstage shots of the transformations.
Streethearts Amsterdam provides a candid and historical look at the major events in August that celebrate the city’s long-standing tradition of diversity and pride.

Illustrated with ca. 400 f.c. photo’s
Text: English & Dutch