Terms of delivery

1. General

These terms of delivery apply to the realization, the contents and the compliance with all contracts entered into between the buyer and XPat Media.

2. Definitions

In the terms of delivery the buyer is defined as: the natural or legal person who has placed an assignment with XPat Media for the delivery of goods.

3. Price

The prices of all goods offered include 9% (nine percent) VAT, but do not include postage / delivery costs, unless specified otherwise.
the prices quoted on this site could be subject to alteration, for whichever reason.
XPat Media retains the right to raise the prices of books that are published abroad and offered for sale, should the need to do this arise due to currency changes.

4. Delivery

The periods of delivery quoted by XPat Media are to be considered an approximation. Any exceeding of this period does not give the buyer any right to compensation.

5. Claims and liability

  1. The buyer is obligated, upon delivery, to check whether the goods meet the specifications. If this is not the case, the buyer will notify XPat Media of this in writing within eight days. After this period has lapsed, the buyer will be considered to have accepted the goods.
  2. if it has been determined that the goods do not meet the specifications, then, upon return of these goods, XPat Media has the choice of either replacing them by new products or repaying the invoice price.
  3. if a buyer, for whichever reason, chooses not to keep the product, then he has the right to return it to XPat Media within a period of two weeks after delivery. Returned goods will only be accepted if they are not damaged. The buyer bears the cost of return postage / delivery.

6. Payment

  1. Unless agreed otherwise, the buyer will pay the price and any other amount due in accordance with the contract within a period of fourteen days after delivery, without laying claim to any type of rebate, settlement or suspension of payment. Payment will be deposited on the bank account specified by XPat Media. If the period of fourteen days is exceeded, then the buyer can be considered to have defaulted towards XPat Media.
  2. after fourteen days have passed without payment, XPat Media has the right to charge an interest rate of 1% (1 percent) per month over the invoice amount.
  3. if, after the period of fourteen days has lapsed, XPat Media is required to demand payment, then the buyer owes administrative charges of € 15.
  4. should XPat Media turn over the collection of the debt to a third party, these costs, as well as any related costs – both judicial and extrajudicial – will be borne by the buyer. The extrajudicial costs will be set at at least 15% (fifteen percent) of XPat Media’s claim.
  5. payments done by the buyer will be considered to be towards the payment of any interest or costs due. Only once these have been paid, will any payments be considered to be done towards the payment of the principal sum.
  6. for each order, the costs of packaging and shipping will be charged.

7. Title retention

The goods delivered by XPat Media remain her property until all her claims have been paid. The risk related to the goods passes to the buyer on the moment of delivery.

8. Circumstances beyond the parties’ control

Without prejudice to her other rights, XPat Media has the right, in the case of circumstances beyond her control, to suspend the carrying out of an order, or to dissolve the agreement without intervention of the courts, which she is to inform the buyer of in writing and as a consequence of which she will owe no compensation.

9. Applicable law

Only Dutch law is applicable to any agreements entered into by XPat Media and a buyer. All disputes will only be brought before the Dutch court that has jurisdiction over the dispute at hand.


Hollandbooks.nl will never share any of your personal information (your name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc) with any third party (meaning any person or organization not connected to Hollandbooks.nl). Your information will only be used for the purpose of processing your orders and contacting you about your orders. If you have given us permission to contact you for other purposes, you may also receive e-mails about Hollandbook.nl news and information. Other than as part of an order process, we make no effort to identify users of our site. No identifying data are disclosed to any third party for any purpose. Data that we collect are used only for service administration. Cookies are only used to hold information relating to current navigation within the site or to provide extra help to first time visitors and optionally to store your password. Our Payment Service Proverder (PSP) Ogone is a secure website and guarantees the safe transfer of your information through the Internet.


If you have a complaint about a product, delivery or service of HollandBooks you can make your complaint by phone, e-mail, letter or fax. We can take your complaint quickly in treatment if you mention:

  • a full and clear description of your complaint;
  • your order number;
  • your contact details

You will receive a reply within 3 office days.

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