I am Amsterdam

Hardcover, 22 x 30 cm, 128 pagina's, , ,

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Ever since Thomas Schlijper left art school in 1999, he has been roaming the streets of Amsterdam. Each day he captures in images the people, the streets and the moods of the capital of the Netherlands. In more than 120 photos, this book shows how brilliantly he succeeded.

Thomas publishes his slices of life on a daily basis on http://schlijper.nl, through his app and via Twitter. This has brought him a vast range of followers within and outside of Amsterdam and in many places abroad. Everyone who views his photos turns into a regular customer.

So beware when you open this book: there is no way back. See Amsterdam through Thomas’ eyes – it’s much better than using your own!

“I am a Schlijperfan”
Lodewijk Asscher, Former Dutch minister of Social Affairs