The UnDutchables 9.0

an observation of the Netherlands, its culture and its inhabitants

Auteurs:   Colin White  |  Laurie Boucke

136 mm w x 210 mm H, 292 pagina's, , ,


Following the legendary previous 8 editions of The UnDutchables, the 9th edition of this all time bestseller (more than 300,000 copies sold since 1999) is now available in the Netherlands.

The UnDutchables takes an in-depth humorous look at Dutch life, quirks and character. With subjects varying from coffee drinking habits to child rearing, from bargain hunting to food, and from train travel to the Dutch ‘water closet’, it is considered by many foreigners and expats to be a survival guide for living in the Netherlands. This book also includes tips on learning the Dutch language, including appendices on Dutch idioms, expressions, and homonyms.


The 9.0 edition has undergone a thorough editorial revision to catch up with the major developments of Dutch society since the previous edition appeared 6 years ago. This edition has been updated with new illustrations and photos, for a fresh and contemporary look.

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What people say

In an exact yet funny way, The UnDutchables discloses all the secrets about us that we really would have preferred to keep to ourselves
Het Parool

… a cult among English-speaking expatriates
The European

A must read for anyone who is Dutch or would like to visit our tiny, messy, overcrowded but oh so friendly country
A Dutch reader

The Undutchables is a recommended read and an indispensable pal for any expatriate striving to embrace life in the Netherlands. This book is an enlightening guide blending entertainment and insights over the understanding and appreciation for this unique culture
ACCESS Magazine

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