The Dutch & Their Bikes

Scenes from a Nation of Cyclists

18 x 23 cm, 352 pagina's, , ,


The definitive photo guide to the world’s best bicycle culture

“A celebration of everyday cycling”


What does it look like in a country where cycling is a way of life? Why do the Dutch cycle so much, and why is the Netherlands regarded as the most advanced, cycling-friendly nation on earth?

American photographer and author Shirley Agudo captures the essence of the world’s best bicycle culture in her fascinating new collection of nearly 700 photos: The Dutch & Their Bikes: Scenes from a Nation of Cyclists.

It’s a privileged and inspiring look at a culture that lives and breathes cycling.


“The Dutch & Their Bikes is a compelling collection of images about our nation of cyclists. Amsterdam’s reputation as ‘the world’s best cycling city’ is certainly true, and Shirley Agudo brings it all to life.”

                                – Eberhard E. van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam


“The best collection of Dutch cycling photos ever assembled!”

                                 -Henry Cutler, Founder, WorkCycles


“American photographer and author Shirley Agudo catches the beauty, fun and pleasure of cycling in her photography. She shows to the Dutch – and the rest of the world – how special our bicycle culture really is. We are hardly aware of this phenomenon ourselves.”

                                 – Jos Sluijsmans,


“Shirley Agudo promotes Dutch cycling in a way that we cannot do with words. …It’s art.”

                                – Aletta Koster, Director, Dutch Cycling Embassy