In this new, bilingual book (NL/ENG) with more than 100 new photos, top photographer Frans Lemmens shows why the Dutch capital is so extremely popular.

The Netherlands at its Best – Throughout the Year

The Most Beautiful Presentation of the Netherlands The Netherlands at its Best – Throughout the Year is the most comprehensive photo book ever to have been published about this country. Iconic images of windmills, Amsterdam canals and tulips go hand in hand with contemporary themes such as agricultural innovation, dance festivals, Dutch Design and modern … Continued

Amsterdam Urban Jungle

This stunning photo book demonstrates the amount of wildlife found in our direct vicinity.

Still Holland

By Frans Lemmens The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with enormous economic activity. You may think there is little room for quiet spots, but nothing is farther from the truth. This country abounds in quiet spots, oases ruled by a sense of serene peace. Admittedly, it is not … Continued

Holland Winter Wonderland

By Frans Lemmens For many, winter is the most beautiful season of all. This book displays the essence of the Dutch winter in over 150 images. The landscapes, city views, ice skaters, animal life; the world is silenced under a layer of cold, ice and snow. The resulting images are frozen in time. The Netherlands … Continued