Still Holland

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By Frans Lemmens

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with enormous economic activity. You may think there is little room for quiet spots, but nothing is farther from the truth. This country abounds in quiet spots, oases ruled by a sense of serene peace. Admittedly, it is not total silence.
There is sound everywhere; you hear the song of the birds, the whistling of the wind or the lapping of the water, or in the background you hear the noise caused by people with their aircraft, cars and factories. But in these places you can feel and experience the near silent peace.

In this book, we want our photography to take you to a number of these scenes. They are mainly landscapes with a human or animal element; the bulb fields in the Beemster, a buzzard on watch, a canoe on the Kortenhoefse Plassen or a spider’s web on the Fransche Kampheide, the finely spun strands glistening in the early morning sun.

The photos are categorised into six chapters, each based on one of the six geological landscapes we have in the Netherlands: dune landscapes, marine clay areas, peat marshlands, sands, river landscapes and hills. Each category of landscape is briefly explained.


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