NL365 – A Year in the Netherlands

Hardcover, 31,7x 25,4 cm, 400 pagina's, , ,


NL365 – A Year in the Netherlands is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive photo books ever published about the Netherlands. The book combines iconic images of windmills, the Amsterdam canals and tulips with contemporary themes, such as agricultural innovation, dance festivals, Dutch design and modern architecture. The rich history of the stubborn but tolerant Dutch people is also portrayed. Top photographer Frans Lemmens and his partner Marjolijn van Steeden bring together all the disciplines in which they excel. Their approach – a photo of the Netherlands every day of the year, from January 1 to December 31 – has turned it into a truly unique photo document. This extensive English book is a feast for the eyes and an ode to a special and beautiful country.

Frans Lemmens and Marjolijn van Steeden travelled the world for many years and made travel reports for magazines, such as National Geographic Traveler. The Sahara desert was their specialty for years, but the photogenic Netherlands was not forgotten either. Since 2010, their own country has even been the focus of their work, which has led to this unique coffee table book.