Holland from the Top 4

Hardcover with foam, 16 cm W x 16 cm H, 320 pagina's, , ,

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By Karel Tomeï

This is the fourth volume in the successful series Holland from the Top.

Karel Tomeï: “A few years ago, I thought; a day will come when I’ll have seen enough of Holland. I have long since come to think otherwise. I continue to discover new ways of looking at the country. These often take me to unknown places. I don’t arrive there with the camera at the ready; I first take a look round. I fly over them; I make a sketch, perhaps a few test photographs. In this way, I become familiar with the subject. I allow the landscape to cast its spell over me. Generally, I read a lot about it. When I was coming to grips with the river landscape, I read through a sort of telephone book with all sorts of projects undertaken by Public Works and Water Management. Dry as dust, but when I had finished it, I knew what I had to look out for.