Only in Holland – Only the Dutch

Paperback, 13 cm W x 20 cm H, 341 pagina's, , ,


By Marc Resch

“Going Dutch” isn’t just a catch phrase for author Marc Resch, but a way of life. Based upon the author’s vast knowledge of the Netherlands and his experiences of living and working there, his book Only in Holland, Only the Dutch delves into the psyche, culture, history, values and distinctiveness of Holland and its people. While in Holland, Marc Resch resolutely explored every facet of the intriguing Dutch culture. He partook in the festivals, cheered on the local footballs teams, shopped at the local markets, drank beer and coffee with locals in numerous cafe’s and became as Dutch as he possibly could. Using a combination of first-hand experiences and intense research, Marc Resch delivers a captivating portrayal of Dutch culture in this, his first book.