Holland from the Top 2

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By Karel Tomeï

This is the second volume in the successful series Holland from the Top.

In his work, Karel Tomeï (1941) exhibits time and again this curiosity for discovering unknown sides of reality. Since he made his very first photograph at the age of five, he has tried to reveal things that others ignore.

You won’t find standard snapshots in his work. For him, the Enclosure Dyke is more than just a tribute to the excellence of Dutch hydraulic expertise. He shows the dykes as an expression of the national thirst for regulation – or, if you prefer, pride – that does not even shudder at the thought of trying to tame millions of tons of sea water. In fact, says Tomeï, in his photograph, it is really only a very narrow and vulnerable dyke, surrounded by endless masses of water. The dyke sym­bolises a leap of faith with an unknown conclusion.