Holland from the Top 5

Hardcover with foam, 16 cm W x 16 cm H, 304 pagina's, , ,


By Karel Tomeï

This is the fifth volume in the successful series Holland from the Top.

A snapshot frozen in time. Holland as it is now. That is what Karel Tomeï wants to show. And Holland constantly changes. Take nature. Rivers that once again may meander, water that is drained or allowed to flow, a hole in the dunes to give seawater its way. Architecture also changes, whether buildings or landscape art. And there are new developments: living on the water, nature on the roofs of city houses.

Karel collects all these places. At least, when he thinks photographing them from the air is worthwhile.

He prepares a flight in great detail. ‘More detail than most people think.’ He constantly makes notes. He hears something, reads something, sees something on TV and thinks: that could be interesting. ‘Why? I couldn’t say. It’s a feeling I cannot explain rationally.’